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martes, 23 de octubre de 2012

Prizee Jackpot

Prizee Jackpot is a free competitive game, with no purchase required, organized by the French company SAS.

The game takes the form of a one-armed bandit/slot machine. You start the game with a simple device comprising 3 reels featuring various symbols, and 20 free Chips. Each game requires 1 Chip.

Everytime the slot machine displays a winning combination featuring 3 adjacent identical symbols, you win the relevant prize, described in the combinations table.

Some combinations unlock \"Challenges\" staking additional Tokens or cash earnings. As you play, you will unlock additional combinations, as well as new options and game modes.
Everytime the slot machine displays a winning combination matching one of the mini-games featured in Prizee Jackpot, you will be offered a "Challenge". Each Challenge features an objective and a reward.

During the ensuing game, if you reach or overshoot the score defined in the objective, the relevant prize is yours! Prizes can include additional Chips or cash earnings from 0.10 to 10,000 €/$ per Challenge (the currency will vary according to your country of residence).

With each game, your cash earnings are gradually accrued on the relevant counter until you reach the 100 €/$ threshold from which you can claim your earnings.
At any time, you can claim the cash earnings that you have collected on Prizee Jackpot, in instalments of 100 €/$ (the currency will vary according to your country of residence). Payment is free of charge and occurs exclusively by international bank transfer, regardless of your country of residence.

After confirming your payment request by completing
the form provided on the "Earnings" tab, your cash earnings will be paid within 2 weeks, on average. At any time, you can track the status of your payment request in the tracking table displayed on the "Earnings" tab.

If your cash earnings reach or exceed 5,000 €/$, you will be contacted by our Customer Service Manager, who will confirm your prize and organize for your cash earnings to be handed to you personnally. You will be invited to our corporate office, where you will meet our team and enjoy a glass of Champagne to celebrate your prize.
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